Scan for rarity and get up to date floor prices on the cheapest most rarest NFT's.

Scan for Rarity 🚀

Scan for rarity and get access to the rarest NFT's for sale in a collection within seconds.

Queue/Refresh Collections 🔥

Queue the latest collections and refresh data as soon as they reveal to get the most accurate data asap.

Mint Alerts 🚨

Get alerted in discord when a project has high mints. Get intel on projects before they sell out.

Reveal Alerts 👻

Get alerted in discord when a project "reveals" so you can quickly check out the reveal.

Discord Bot 🤖

Add our Discord Bot to your own discord - check NFT collections rarity right from your discord.

Rarity Sniping 📈

View rare items that are currently for sale on OpenSea so you can purchase them before someone else does.

Alpha Discord Access 💬

Access to our exclusive alpha discord group. Discuss up and coming projects in private and get access to intel.
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Ahdjfs Whanfsgs 👀

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New Features ✨

We're constantly adding new features that you get access to. Access to all tools for one price.